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Stewardship message – Dianne Baker

Stewardship message – Dianne Baker

Following the countdown of our TOP TEN: I am reflecting on:

Number 6….. Music! Over many years, our congregation has had a wonderful tradition of musical excellence and musical nurture. From the leadership of the organist and choir director, currently the delightful, generous and talented, Michael Cutler, and the various faithful voices of the choirs, those lovely souls before you, and the many who have gone before. The Alleluia Singers, led by Emily Harasan, which takes the joy of singing and faith into nursing homes and other places in the wider community. And also, the features of this sanctuary with its acoustic beauty, designed to amplify the human voice, and the organ, recently renovated to its full glory. The musical heritage of this place invites concerts, musicians, choirs, punk rockers, and ‘oh so many others’ to express themselves, bring people together in celebration, and give glory to the One who gives rise to the song. Your givings to our local congregation help keep this place filled with a song of praise to the Maker.

“How can I keep From Singing?”

And ….Number 5….. Being Part of Something Larger than ourselves.

This congregation engages in meaningful outreach to nurture faith far and wide, the be companions to the lonely, and to alleviate poverty and distress in our own city and in the wider world.

Support to St. Matthew’s-Maryland Community Ministry, (I chair the board) from this congregation has been generous, both with hours of service and with gifts of money, food and advocacy.

2015-07-05 11.31.26The prayer shawls knit by the Prayfully Knitting group are symbols of comfort to many in hospitals, on special occasions and even as people leave us to live in other places. This wee shawl was given to me, and I carried it in my pocket everyday I served in Palestine with EAPPI ( last summer. In the early hours of vigil on the rock at the entrance to the village of Susiya in the South Hebron Hills, this congregation and its prayers sat with me on my knee, a sign of your support and God’s comfort.

Your giving means so much. Continue to be kind and generous.

“Kindness…. Kindness…. If those who owed us nothing gave us nothing, how poor we would be.

The very soul of life itself is generosity!

Kindness… Kindness!” by Barbara McAfee

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