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CFRUC LT Meeting Minutes (2017-10-18)

Mark 12: 38-44 Psalm 127 November 8, 2015. When you open the Bible to read – if you open the Bible to read – when you hear the Bible read in church, do you expect the unexpected? Do you expect to be astonished, to gasp, to put your hand to your mouth, to have your pupils dilate in awe? Or is it, o yeah, this again…pious story about little old lady giving all her money to the church, yadda, yadda, yadda. Were you astonished by this morning’s story – or a bit bored? As a child, i heard these stories the same way i heard Tales from the Brothers Grimm or Peter Pan or Aladdin and his Magic Lamp. They were stories of magic to me(1). David slaying the giant Goliath was the same as clapping frantically at our black and white television screen to revive Tinkerbelle – i do…

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