Beach United Church – Toronto, Ontario


Toronto – Two historic churches, two ageing buildings needing major repairs, two dwindling congregations. Bellefair United and Kew Beach United decided to do church in a new way.

First, the congregations amalgamated.  Then, they sold the Bellefair United building to a developer for $5 million to be renovated into condos.

The amalgamated congregation, now called Beach United Church, found worship space in nearby St Aidan’s Anglican.  The former Kew Beach building underwent spectacular renovations to signal to the community that this church is open and green.  Some examples:

Says trustee Jim McKibbon, “We’re closing two old buildings to create a new building, but also to tell people we’re doing church in a new way. This is going to be more of a community centre than most churches.”



"I don’t know if I believe in God or not, but for an hour a week, this is a good place to think about that."


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