Crescent Fort Rouge United Church

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It’s amazing how quickly things have changed—and how quickly we have tried to adapt. March 29 will be the second Sunday that our public worship has been suspended, and the second time we have gathered via Zoom. For the last week, our building has been closed for public gatherings, but through the marvels of technology I’ve participated in more virtual meetings, and been part of more webinars, and been engaged with more people than I have in the last month. When it comes to using social media platforms I’ve always been more of a Luddite than an early adopter, but now I’m willing to consider anything from Instagram to Tik Tok if it will help us stay connected with one another and a hurting world. These are anxious times for many. We’re concerned about family and friends, folks living in care homes or far away. We imagine what it’s like…

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