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The Art Show is April 13 to 15, 2018 and the theme is Renewal.  The Call to Artists can be found at Call to Artists.

Renewal is a process of revitalization.  It can include domains such as:

·      environmental ·      cultural
·      spiritual ·      social
·      physical ·      political

Think of words like…awakening, reconciliation, resurrection, reinvention, rebirth, replenishment, revival, rebuild, restore, refresh…..and more……


Artfest 2016 and Crescent Fort Rouge United Church would like to acknowledge and thank the sponsorship of the following organizations.



The City of Winnipeg

Jenny Gerbasi

UC Crest - 2013_bill

Winnipeg Presbytery

Church Development Inc.


Mission and Service Fund

Embracing the Spirit

United Church of Canada

Manitoba Sport, Culture and Heritage

Artfest 2016

23 May 2016:  Our Arts Festival for the 2016 spring season has officially drawn to a close.  We have had a terrific time engaging with community and playing with our theme of ‘intersection’.

In fact, we have had such a good time that we intend to hold a few events through the fall season this year.  Stand by for those announcements!


Final Report_June 2016

Public Feedback_Art Show 2016

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"I don’t know if I believe in God or not, but for an hour a week, this is a good place to think about that."


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