Crescent Fort Rouge United Church

About Us


What’s worship like?

Sundays at 10:30, a typical service includes music (congregational hymns, instrumentals, choir/soloist), prayer, conversation with our children, Bible readings, a sermon (reflection on our contemporary situation in light of the Bible readings), the Creed, an offering, and a blessing.

Children are encouraged to begin their Sunday morning church experience with the gathered community in worship. This time with adults includes a theme conversation with one of the ministers and introduces children to the concept of worship. Following this time, the children 3 – 12 yrs go to participate in age appropriate learning activities designed to introduce them to faithful living.

Nursery (infants and toddlers) is available during the worship service. It is staffed by teams of adult volunteers who provide care and supervision. Parents and guardians are welcome to stay in the nursery with their children if they wish or they may choose to leave their children under the watch of the volunteers. Volunteers will seek out the parents in worship should there be a need. People are free to move in and out of the worship space, as needed.

To unpack a bit more:

Music — We like to sing, and hymns are expressions of faith. We sing old historic hymns and put them in dialogue with contemporary hymns. The range of music pretty much reflects the range of belief and questioning among us.

Prayer — We talk to God and listen for God. We pray for each other, and for the world. We usually sing the Lord’s Prayer, and do that while our children are still with us in worship so they can learn these ancient, wise words. In different seasons of the church calendar (Advent, Lent), our prayers sometimes use ritual to move us in different ways.

Children — We continue to listen for God through the voices of our children as they respond to Biblical story and/or Biblical teaching. This is a time in worship when anything can happen, and it often does!

Bible — We hear the story read aloud, opening ourselves to ways God might be speaking to our congregation, our community, and the global situation we find ourselves in.

Sermon — A time for ancient spiritual story to come into dialogue with our own life story – as individuals, as community, as a city, and globally.

Creed — Most Sundays, we invite the congregation to affirm the words of A New Creed [link] as one way of expressing our longings of spirit.

Offering — Financial gifts to enable the ministries of the congregation and the wider United Church of Canada are offered (ask one of our Greeters for a guest envelope). Our church is funded by the generous support of members and friends.

Blessing — Our worship ends and our time of service begins in the confidence that we are not alone.

What to Expect

Whether you are new to church or trying it again, we welcome you. Our Sunday morning worship service begins at 10:30 a.m., but our doors open at least by 10:00, and the coffee is on (yes, you can take your mug with you into the sanctuary).

As for a dress code, yes, wear some clothes – attire among us ranges from casual to dressy to casual.

We take the Bible seriously but not literally, and seek the Spirit in everyday life. We sing historic hymns of the faith and contemporary music as well.

Following worship, we have coffee (again!) and light refreshments, a time of connecting and conversation.


Reverend Marc Whitehead joined Crescent Fort Rouge United in August 2019.  Marc brings with him an endless amount of wisdom, creativity, play, a love for the arts and a passion for the well-being of all people.  Every day Marc arrives energized with new ideas.  We all can hardly wait to see what happens next and that includes Sunday Worship!

Michael Cutler

Winnipeg native Michael Cutler joined Crescent Fort Rouge as music director in September 2014, after ten years of working in Anglican churches. He is the co-founder of the Wind Chamber concert series, giving him opportunities to perform with other excellent musicians. In addition to having a love of performance, Michael is a prolific composer and arranger, often writing pieces for the choir to sing.

Adam McGhee



Adam McGhee began his duties as our new custodian/security person on September 1, 2011. Adam has been a member of the Osborne Village community for several years.